15 Thompson St.

During construction of 15 Thompson St or the lease period, our residents personal circumstances may change. If you would like to be contacted if an apartment becomes available, please join the waiting list by filling out an application form here.

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Assemble considers your personal situation when reviewing applications. Whether it is a pay rise or starting a new job, it is always best to provide as much information as possible when applying.

Eligible minimum household income (MHI)*
Studio $60,000 See plans
1 Bed 1 Bath $67,000 See plans
2 bed, 1 bath $92,000 See plans
2 bed, 2 bath $109,000 See plans
3 bed, 1 bath $117,000 See plans
3 bed, 2 bath $143,000 See plans

*Above is a reminder of the MHI to be eligible for an apartment at 15 Thompson St.

Assemble trusts that the information you provide is true and correct. A typical rental application requires proof of income and employment checks. We don’t require this information at this stage, however we may ask for a form of validation at a later date.

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