15 Thompson St

What home types are there? How much is rent? How do I apply?

Here you can find all the specific information about your home at 15 Thompson St. We recommend you read through the brochure, plans and price list. Watch the presentation videos and familiarize yourself with the Assemble Model, and review the agreements and contract.

Pricing, Plans
& Brochure

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We’ve uploaded a digital copy of everything you need to know about 15 Thompson St.

Please note, the pricing enclosed is for rent starting in 2022, and future purchase price in 2027. 

As explained in the below videos, if the housing market does not perform as expected or your personal circumstances change (due to the impacts of COVID-19 or otherwise), you have the flexibility to leave anytime during the lease or decide not to proceed with purchasing at the end of the lease period. The Assemble Model gives you certainty by knowing your yearly rent and future purchase price before you move in. Your rent is agreed up front, and your purchase price is fixed, giving you stability while you save,

Assemble Model

If you were unable to attend one of our presentations on the Assemble Model, not to worry – we have live recordings of the presentations below.

The Assemble Model presentation provides an overview of how the model works, an introduction to the design of 15 Thompson St, guidance on pricing and rent ranges. As well as an explanation of next steps in the process.

15 Thompson St

The following design presentations focuses on the detail of 15 Thompson St, including the interiors and communal space. We also talk through typical floorplans for each apartment type, pricing, and explain the application and ballot process.

Please note: the dates and bond amounts indicated in these videos were correct at time of filming. However due to the impact of COVID-19 we have amended our timing to allow for greater flexibility during this time. At this stage we anticipate applications will close late May 2020.

& Contract

View documents

The Assemble Model documents that require signing if you are allocated an apartment are now available for you to review. The documents contained in the Dropbox link to the left include:

1. Tenant Acknowledgment 
This confirms you understand the key terms of the Assemble Model Documents comprising the Agreement for Lease and Contract of Sale. You will be required to sign this Tenant Acknowledgment at the time of signing the Assemble Model documents.

2. Agreement for Lease
An Agreement for Lease (AFL) is used when a landlord (in this case Assemble) grants a tenant (you) a lease in the future and is often used before the premises, the subject of the Lease, have been built. The AFL sets out the agreed rent and lease term and comprises the Lease which gives you the right but not the obligation to lease your apartment for up to 5 years. The AFL also contains the plans and specification of your apartment.

3. Contract of Sale
The Contract of Sale will give you the right but not the obligation to purchase your apartment for the agreed price, after 5 years of leasing.

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Assemble considers your personal situation when reviewing applications. Whether it is a pay rise or starting a new job, it is always best to provide as much information as possible when applying.

Eligible minimum household income (MHI)*
Studio $60,000 See plans
1 Bed 1 Bath $67,000 See plans
2 bed, 1 bath $92,000 See plans
2 bed, 2 bath $109,000 See plans
3 bed, 1 bath $117,000 See plans
3 bed, 2 bath $143,000 See plans

*Above is a reminder of the MHI to be eligible for an apartment at 15 Thompson St.

Assemble trusts that the information you provide is true and correct. A typical rental application requires proof of income and employment checks. We don’t require this information at this stage, however we may ask for a form of validation at a later date.

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