Resident services

We’re always thinking about how we can do more for our residents

Taking the learnings from 2020 onboard, we’ve put in place the following initiatives that provide the balance of flexibility and stability that remains intrinsic to the Assemble model.


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Free financial coaching and support

At Assemble, we provide all residents with free financial coaching and support during their five-year rental period.  This is designed to help to improve financial literacy and wellbeing, and set you on the path to owning your home.


Flexible bond payments

Under Assemble’s bond extension initiative, we’re giving residents greater flexibility to pay their bond in their own time. While a $500 holding deposit is required once a new apartment contract is signed, residents can pay the remainder of the bond (one month’s total rent) over a 6 month period.

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Bulk buying services

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Whether it’s utilities or groceries, we source everyday goods from the best local suppliers, and leverage economies of scales to offer the best value for money to residents. From renewable energy to coffee, to toilet paper, our bulk- buying initiatives will help you save up to 20% on your cost of living.

Reduced monthly bills

Under Assemble’s embedded energy network, we will provide 100% renewable energy for all homes. Assemble apartments will have access to unlimited data and internet, for a low cost of $40 per month. We’re currently working through the finer details and will announce more info around this initiative soon.

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